Recognizing inner knowing May 18 2016

I love getting guidance and signs, but can we acknowledge that guidance and signs are not always super clear?

You might ask for guidance about how to solve a problem and then start getting an idea, but you’re not sure it’s THE guidance. Or, you hear a song that reminds you of someone - was that a clue you should call them? 

Here's what helps me...

When I went to see Mayan ruins in the Guatemalan jungle, the first thing we saw was an ancient stone building...with a wild gray fox playing on it. As our guide spoke about the history of Tikal, what stopped me in my tracks with delight and fascination was the fox.

I don’t recall a thing our guide said, but over a decade later I still remember that fox with his puffy tail. And the monkeys calling out from the tree limbs high above.

Here's the thing: when I watch, think of, or connect with animals, I feel expansive and light through my chest. I find that feeling is the inner knowingthat tells me something is a “Yes." So if I’m struggling to determine if something is a true sign or guidance, I stop to notice whether it makes me feel more expansive and lighter within. 

Perhaps a Yes feels a bit different to you: what captivates and uplifts you? what does it feel like in your body? That’s probably what an inner YES feels like to you!

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