The simple, playful practice that changed my everyday life October 10 2014

I stood in our kitchen holding a couple of small wooden boxes in my hand, searching for the words... 

"I've been doing this for several months now," I said to my fiance, "and all I can say is I feel...happier. More relaxed. more." 

He nodded and took it in thoughtfully.

I have a long-standing tendency to over-worry and resist feeling at ease with my own good fortune. But this year? My creative life blossomed, my income doubled, and my mood lightened. 

How did that happen?

Well, one day, inspired by Tosha Silver's very special book, Outrageous Opennessand Florence Scovel Shinn's quirky 1920's book, The Game of Life and How to Play It, I decided that I needed a Divine box.

But not just a prayer box full of hopes - that hadn't worked too well for me. And not a "I'm going to manifest these intentions because my thoughts control the universe" box. That tended to flop too.

I needed a different approach.

What I needed turned out to be a very specific practice involving little boxes and pieces of paper with my intentions. 

I think this approach has been more effective than other intention tactics because of these twists:

      • I watch for guidance in my daily life and journaling after "offering up" my intention to a higher power's wisdom (per Silver + Shinn)

      • act on guidance and am willing to be surprised  (also per Silver + Shinn)

      • track gratitude for the outcomes (what better way than to move the piece of paper to a Gratitude box instead of tossing it?)

      • use cute little boxes (because this makes it simple and fun, assuring I'll actually stay with it)

    The practice has really grown my sense of self-trust and spiritual trust. 

    Any intention or concern I have may end up in the Divine box.

    The purpose of the Divine box is to give my mind a way to surrender things to my higher power. It’s about saying, "Show me, guide me, help me. I'm willing to see and do what is divinely aligned here."

    You get to define what that higher power is, of course. You may think of it as your inner guidance system, the mysterious infinite energy of the cosmos, your personal concept of the divine, or even the spirit of a loved one.

    With this idea of surrendering something to a wiser intelligence that can see the long view, many of my intentions become more like questions.

    I write them down and put them in the box with the understanding that I am intending the best possible outcome, and the awareness that I may not know exactly what that is - or how to get there.

    For example, here are a few things I've put in my Divine box: 

    "What should I do about this job? Can it fit me better and be fulfilling? Or should I move on?"

    "I'm longing for a vacation, but where? How to afford it?”

    "Help with ____ friendship."

    Each of these hopes and quandaries - and many more - were resolved in surprisingly effortless ways. The job morphed into something better after the right words came to me for a heart-to-heart conversation. The vacation longing was fulfilled with synchronicity - three different soul-reviving getaways fell into place affordably over the next few months! And I suddenly felt clear that I just wanted the best for my friend and myself, even if that meant we grew apart. But then the friendship healed and deepened on its own accord.

    Occasionally it just feels like crazy magic. My friend Jenna put her desire for a raise in her Spirit box one morning and within 24 hours her employer offered her one out of the blue! 

    An inner shift happens as items move to the Gratitude box.

    While some things hang out in the Divine box for a long time, I somehow feel more at peace now waiting for clues and resolution. This is at least partly because I've got an overflowing Gratitude box, so I'm learning to trust that the right things happen when I offer an intention or concern (with a reverent, open mind) to Life.

    Now you know what works for me, but play!

    Make your own boxes or get a set here. Then, experiment to find what feels aligned with your beliefs and works for you.  

      I can't wait for you to tell me about your experiences!