About Tiny Altar October 10 2015


Tiny Altar is a handmade boutique for infusing your world with intention and good vibes.

Here you'll find gifts for creating sacred spaces that make you smile - for your home, yoga studio, office, or zen den.

Each piece is an original design that begins by hand with some combination of graphite, ink, paint, or photograph.

I use earth-friendly and sweatshop-free materials as much as possible and put blessings into each item as I create and hand-package it. (This is fun! It makes me feel like a little elf making gifts.)

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Teal, the artist and maker behind Tiny Altar, and I believe, as Joseph Campbell said, "Your sacred space is where you can find yourself...again and again."

I believe that behind all things a mysterious force of Love is interested in helping us with and through things big and small. That's what little altars are about for me: an artful conversation with that power. 

A little more about the elf behind this enterprise?

Through creations that support our connection to inner guidance, creativity, synchronicity, nature, and animals, I seek to nurture the kindness and joy that arises from connecting to something larger than ourselves.

Since I've been on this planet, I've worked as a writer at Apple, been a holistic wellness counselor, written a little Amazon bestseller (pet loss category), ran a blog about natural cat care and the feline-human bond, studied art, and loved almost any quirky thing starring Jason Schwartzman, Jemaine Clement, or Rachel Bloom.

Today, I'm an artist, a writer, and a down-to-earth mystic. You may be one too: someone who senses the interconnectedness of all things and sees beauty and sacredness in nature and animals, including the human animal. 

More intention creations + inspiration for your sacred space are on the way. I would love to have you along for the ride... 



Customer Contact:

liz@tinyaltar.com | (415) 662-TINY


my workspace photo is by: JoAnn Uhelski