Creative altar inspirations November 13 2014

I love to see how people create personal altars for their homes. I find that thinking about what makes each altar "work" as a spiritual art form sparks good ideas.

I've been discovering some sweet altars on Pinterest, so I wanted to share what I'm noticing that makes these altars inspiringly artful.

The basic beautiful personal altar

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again. - Joseph Campbell

Sometimes simple is the most beautiful solution: 
Float fresh flowers and candles in a bowl of water and voila - instant sacred loveliness.

The basics of a lovely personal altar:
A central candle; plant or two, blossoms; rocks or quartz; incense; personal photos that are meaningful to you.

An adorned sacred figure makes a great altar:
I like the lively colors against the gray stone of the statue. The pretty, neutral-colored mandalas are a bonus as the backdrop.

adorned figure altar


The focused theme and color altar 

Behold the power of a color and theme altar:
Deep blues and symbols of Yemaya, the goddess of the ocean and motherhood, protector of children.  

An altar for a special intention or event:
A birth altar! What a good idea. Although, if birth isn't on your agenda right now, you could do something similar for a new job or business, an upcoming wedding, or an intention to invite something like a happy relationship or healing.
theme altar, birth

Color theme with sacred objects:
This gorgeous little altar is mostly neutral and white colors, which looks great with the larger red Om piece in the background.
beautiful little altar, sacred space

Items of personal meaning: 
What makes this altar nice is a color theme (purple and neutrals), plus nature objects, a central image against off-center background piece, and items collected over time with personal meaning.

The expansive altar 

Defining a sacred space with a floor altar:
This meandering-along-the-edge-of-a-room altar defines a meditation and yoga space. I like how framed words and images can be arranged to set intentions. Plus, flowers and sunlight really help beautify here.


I hope you enjoyed these little inspirations as much as I did.

By the way, I'm collecting pictures of altars (obviously) and would love to see your altar (perhaps not obviously), so please send a photo my way at! (Um, yes, I suppose that is what Instagram is for, and I'm not on there yet. But I'm trying to love and accept myself anyway ; )