You don't have to figure it out alone February 15 2015

You don't have to come up with the right answer. 

You don't have to figure it all out.
You don't have to fix it.

You, one person - just like me - you do not,
and by the laws of physics simply CANNOT -
have control over all this by yourself. 

Guess what? This is GOOD news.

What I'm telling you is help is on the way. 
Instructions will be delivered.
A knowing will settle in your heart. 
A weight will be lifted from the muscles of your back.
You only needed to ask.
And then listen. 
Sleep on it. 
And then, and only then, follow instructions.  

From the micro to the macro, my Gratitude box overfloweth with the results of doing just that.

From a perfect last-minute birthday gift, to what to do about what the vet said could be a tumor. I offered questions up and eventually got a knowing - not always crystal clear, but a good-enough INKLING - and wonders ensued.  

The last-minute birthday gift: On a hunch that showed up, I sent a rapid delivery of Denise Linn's Soul Coaching Oracle cards to a dear friend who, to my knowledge, had never used (or wanted) anything of the sort. That was a year ago and she still talks about using them regularly and how mystifyingly accurate and helpful they've been through difficult times. 

The "it might be a tumor": I decided to take our cat to a different doctor - one who had a calmer perspective, and we took his advice of treating it simply as an infected area first (before panicking). In a couple weeks, the swelling went away, healing happened, and all was fine. You have no idea how grateful I am that our little guy is ok!

That's why, these days, whenever I notice myself wearing out my mind (and Google) for the right answer, or wringing my hands with worry, I say, "oh yeah...I gotta put this in my Spirit box." 

Offer it up. Incubate and wait.

That's what I'm learning to do. Still learning. Tosha's book, Outrageous Openness, helps.

Good News about New Kits!

I was delighted that the Intention kits sold out, until I realized my process for making the large boxes was so time-consuming that I wasn't going to be able keep producing (at a consistent quality) fast enough.

So, in January, I retooled a bit. I'm delighted to say that I invested in a way to make archival prints for the decoupage process - and this tiny change saves me so much time that I was able to lower the cost of the kits too!

I'm really happy with the new kits because I think they look good AND currently I'm able to get them handcrafted with a nice new wood - a smooth, sustainably harvested white maple.

Plus, I added something I'm excited about to the large kits: a small natural Citrine gemstone. It's the color of sunshine and the gemstone of prosperity and positive energy, known for enhancing personal power, creativity, wealth, and optimism. Put that on your altar!

That's my happy report for today. Thank you for reading and being a kindred spirit!

Citrine blessings,