Get creative: sacred space ideas April 28 2015

William Morris famously said, "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." And, I think if he were the bohemian sacred space loving type, he would have said something like: In your sacred spaces, have only things you believe to be beautiful and that make you feel good.

In that spirit, how about some ideas for getting creative with making sacred spaces? Here are a few of my favorites.

Getting creative with pillows and plants 

There's glorious simplicity in a sunny spot, a pile of pillows, a couple luxurious blankets, and some hanging or tall indoor plants. Voila! Bohemian rhapsody. Like these two rooms...

Credit: unknown (email me if you know it!)

Getting creative with tents

I love the idea of making sacred space outside with a tent. It really expands the possibilities! This richly colored gypsy get-up makes me want to pretend I play the guitar.

Quinn Cooper Style

There was nothing better than a fort when we were kids, but it never occurred to me that you could use a tent to design sacred space indoors as an adult. This picture shows how using all neutrals can create a calm, zen feeling.  

Quinn Cooper Style


Getting creative with little altars

And, of course, altars are a creative way to make an oasis of sacred space in any room. In a small house, wee altars are my way of making corners of sanctuary that affect the way a room feels. Here's part of an altar that sits in a bookshelf corner of my office/studio/workshop:

The backdrop is a 3D box sculpture I made, and I like using a pretty scarf to designate the altar area (an idea I stole from my clever buddy Jenna). The roses are courtesy of our backyard, which makes me so happy. 

And look at this lovely photo below, which reminds us that a platter of candles in colorful glass holders, along with fresh flowers and a sacred symbol or two, can infuse a whole lot of beauty and positivity into a space. 

East Coast Desi

It's so rewarding to make places in everyday life that feed your spirit and muse. I love that we can do this with simple things like pillows, plants, colors, objects of intention, platters of candles, and even a tent or two. 

Wishing you lots of creativity in your life and sacred in your space!