Art. Prosperity. Love. June 21 2015

NEW Super Pink Lakshmi

It's a bright, sunny Summer Solstice day. I'm between getting back from dancing, singing and jumping around at an English Beat concert with some old high school friends and heading out to a tree-filled hike and dinner with another dear friend. The cats are lounging on the deck, Robert is reading in the garden, and there's just something blessed and joyful and miraculous in the air, in spite of all the losses and challenges we've been through personally and as a society recently. 

There have been several times in my life where I felt bereft of art, prosperity, or love...or all of the above.
When I was a corporate working stiff, I had some prosperity, but no art.
When I was a teenager, I had art, but not much self-love or romantic love.
And when all kinds of love finally filled my life a couple decades later, it seemed I had to give up prosperity to do art. 

But there's something about the fullness of this time of year that reminds me that art, prosperity, and love can be available to you ALL AT ONCE, like the apricots falling from the tree in our backyard.

You just have to keep offering up those longings--and being willing to be guided and to receive in ways you may not have foreseen.

I wanted more time for art, but I didn't have large swaths of time or a nice big studio to litter with paint and unfinished projects. After this frustration and longing sat in the Divine box for a couple months, I finally stumbled on a practice that has changed everything: 15 minutes per day, each morning after journaling and before breakfast, I pick up my mixed media sketchbook, a sketching pencil, and a kick-butt eraser (all of which I keep where I journal) and play around with drawing things that fascinate and delight me, like foxes, trees, dragonflies, hamsas, and Ganesh.

Hello, foxy! Morning sketch

Each morning, I do what sounds fun: polish a drawing I started or begin a new one. Now I have several pieces I'm excited about developing with paint and color, all there to easily come back to, only because I was open to the possibility of finding a way out of no way.

It's like the story Tosha Silver tells in her fabulously fun new book, Change Me Prayers, where she's late to yoga class, but right after she parks, this giant SUV parks next to her---so close she can't even open her door to get out of her car! She starts to get upset, and then to struggle with crawling over the clutch to get to another door when it finally hits her: she's in a near-empty parking lot; she can MOVE her car.

So often we can get what we most deeply want if we're willing to be pleasantly surprised by the who, what, where, and how of it all.

May the art, love, and prosperity your soul longs for be in your life today and always,