Look at Lissa Rankin's altar! + sacred-space making insight September 26 2015

Altar of Lissa Rankin, MD

The other day bestselling author, speaker, artist, and all-around inspiring, down-to-earth wise woman, Lissa Rankin, MD sent me photos of the Tiny Altar Divine and Gratitude boxes on her beautiful altar!

She said has used the boxes ever since she received them several months ago. This news inspires me to share a sacred-space-making insight I learned by following Lissa.

Lissa's work gave me a breakthrough when it finally got through to me that we can heal ONLY while in the parasympathetic nervous system state (aka, relaxed)...

"Your nervous system operates in two different states – the 'fight-or-flight' stress response, when the sympathetic nervous system dominates, and the relaxation response, when the parasympathetic nervous system is in charge. But here’s the kicker - your body’s natural self-repair mechanisms only activate when your body is in a relaxation response!” - Lissa Rankin, MD 

I thought I knew all about the parasympathetic vs. sympathetic nervous system thing, but I hadn’t grasped that last key part.

Once I did, it gave me permission to make more sacred space in my life without feeling like it was slightly indulgent and lazy to do so. You know, permission do those delicious things you thought you shouldn't do until your To Do list is complete and your retirement savings is rock solid.

Dr. Rankin's point said to me, "Go ahead, clear a beautiful corner out in your home to journal in the morning, do yoga poses, burn Palo Santo, listen to chants, daydream out the window, put another meaningful piece of art on your altar, light a candle and offer up prayers."

It said, “Take that deep blue island vacation. Slow down and savor that meal made with herbs from your garden. Paint.”

All my life I’d been told that being in a stressed, anxious state is bad for my health, but for some reason all this did was make me feel more stressed when I was stressed! I guess it made relaxing sound like another difficult To Do, as opposed to saying, "Look, if you want hormonal balance, more energy, and fewer migraines and aches and pains, these are doctor's orders: go do something that makes you feel relaxed, happy, and connected to your higher self."

Now you know about some things that do that for me. Which wonderful relaxation-response activities are calling you (so your being has a way to self-repair)?

Photo credit: Lissa Rankin, MD

Love + gratitude,



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