A sneak peek behind the scenes at Tiny Altar November 18 2015

My workspace (captured by the talented JoAnn Uhelski)

Your elfy little friend (me) has been busy and I just couldn't wait to show you a few things!

NEW SACRED SQUARES are coming and here's what's exciting about them:

1. Quality upgrade - a new style of square: larger (5" x 5"), thicker, stronger, and able to stand on flat surfaces or hang on your wall; printed directly onto sustainable maple with gorgeous inks for consistent quality. 

2. An all-new hand-drawn Hamsa design (in two different painted backgrounds). The Hamsa is an ancient hand symbol (seen throughout Israel, India, and the Middle East) believed to bring protection and good luck. It's also associated with feminine power.

3. Beautiful description cards will be affixed to the back of this new style of square, clarifying the qualities of the piece and making the squares extra special to give and receive as gifts. 

All of this should be ready before the end of this month! Until then...

...wishing you lots of love, wellbeing, and inner + outer peace,


P.S. Are you on the list for the secret sale that will be available only to list members when these new squares launch next week? Click to sign up so you don't miss out: