A Solstice ritual for winter renewal December 20 2015

{The solstice is Mon, Dec. 21st, but honoring it the eve before is also customary.}

Merry solstice and warm holiday wishes! 

Do you have a spiritual practice for the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, when the light begins to grow again?

I like to do a ritual for the winter solstice because I find nature's signs and cycles grounding. I think we all do at some level. This
 moment that the sun stops and reverses direction in the sky has been sacred all over the world since ancient times. The winter solstice is special because, while it's the longest night, it also signals the moment the sunlight starts expanding to fill our days again. 

There's a simple solstice practice that I find satisfying and renewing. I thought I'd share it with you in case you'd like to try it out. 

This ritual is about releasing something you want less of
and welcoming something you want more of.

Gather up:

- pen and paper
- fire in a fireplace (OR candle + heat-safe bowl with some water in it)
- your Spirit/Intention box or journal (optional)
- sage, palo santo, or similar cleansing incense (optional)


  1. In a quiet setting, light the fireplace or candle. If you have sage or palo santo, burn some to cleanse the space. 

  2. Take a deep, centering inhale and exhale.

  3. Tear off a small slip of paper. Ask yourself: what am I ready to be rid of? Breathing deeply, just see what comes to you in under 1-2 minutes. Don't overthink it. Write it down. Last year I simply had the phrase, "I'm ready to let go of bullshit" come to mind. I knew what it meant. : ) 

  4. Burn the slip of paper that symbolizes what you are done with (in the fireplace, or use the candle and then drop the burning paper in the bowl with water - be safe).

  5. With another small slip of paper in hand, ask yourself: what do I want to really want MORE of in the year head? Again, it's often best to pay attention to the first thoughts that surface before the mind starts trying to speak for the heart. If the idea feels good in your very being, write it down. Imagine it. Breathe it in. 

  6. With a bow of gratitude to your higher power, place this second piece of paper in your Spirit/Intention offering box or other sacred space, or tape it to a page in your journal so you can refer back it. 

I hope you too find renewal in this time of giving something to the long night and welcoming something to grow with the light. 

Love, wellbeing, and peace to you and your loved ones,

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